Northern Cyprus, where you will take the first step towards a private life, is a unique island…

Information that is useful to know before you go to Northern Cyprus. Be sure to find out or write it down somewhere. It will be of great use to you.


Currency unit

The currency of Northern Cyprus is TL. However, although it is TL, Sterling, Euro, and Dollar are currencies used daily.



In Northern Cyprus, traffic flows in the left lane, like in England, unlike many countries.


Time Zone

Northern Cyprus uses the same time as Turkey. If you are wondering what time it is in Cyprus, look at the time in Turkey.


Weather forecast

Northern Cyprus, which has the characteristic features of the Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and less rainy winters, is a location where the number of sunny days is high throughout the year.



You can choose sea or airways for transportation to Northern Cyprus. You can use Ercan Airport in Nicosia for air transportation and Girne Port or Famagusta Port for sea transportation.