The most special island of the Mediterranean is Cyprus.

It is the home of the most mystical and fascinating structures in history.

It is the homeland of legendary beauties.

It is the heritage of 10000 years of history.

It is the starting point of civilizations and legendary stories.

It is the untouched nature of the Mediterranean, the embrace of blue and green.

It is the meeting point of nature's most special species.

It is a desirous gastronomic route with extraordinary flavors.

It is an education hub that prepares young people for the future.

It is a Mediterranean dream that fascinates everyone who sees it.

This is Cyprus, one of the most impressive islands in the world.


With its mystical history, untouched nature, friendly people, beaches, colorful life, educational opportunities, low crime rate, sunny climate in almost every season, investment opportunities that have become a rising trend in recent years, and luxury housing projects, Northern Cyprus is inviting you to experience life in its most special form.