1. Your Personal Needs

Make sure that the location and size of the property suit you. If you search considering these issues, you can filter the houses for sale in the market specifically for you and your needs, and you can reach the most accurate result.


2. Developer Company

You should check the company and the company's references that built the property. Nowadays, both quality materials and manual labor and compliance with standards are vitally important. Also, depending on the location of the building, make sure that the infrastructure works are carried out safely and according to the standards.


3. Location

Reconsider your needs when deciding on the location. In a city or quiet area, close to city amenities, close to your workplace, or a location that offers opportunities for your children... Remember that your needs should be the most determining factor when making a decision.


4. Size

Regarding world trends, keep in mind that homes that have minimal characteristics and that fully meet the needed sizes are especially preferred. Make sure to use smart design methods and take advantage of technology while finding a house that is the right size for your needs.


5. Price

If you have a certain budget, it is possible to buy the house that best suits your needs with this budget. In addition, remember that you need to do good research and buy the first house in the price range that suits you best.


We, as Kurtsan Group, work diligently to transform the most special areas of the world into the most special homes and living spaces in order to make your life special. Because each life is special. We believe that.