The activity in the real estate market continues unabatedly in Northern Cyprus, which attracts the attention of investors looking for investment properties.

Northern Cyprus attracts all investors with its affordable prices per square meter, rental options, and short-term returns, making Northern Cyprus one of the most noteworthy regions for investment in real estate.

With the constant appreciation of the Pound, which is preferred as the currency for buying houses in Northern Cyprus, the purchased houses almost double their value.

For example; The prices of a 2+1 house you will buy in one of the most special housing projects in Northern Cyprus are around £90,000 (British Pounds). The house you buy offers you an average annual rental income of around £7200. In other words, a house you buy for investment in Northern Cyprus pays for itself in an average of 12 years, besides offering you a high rental income.


You can also make a profitable investment by purchasing a 1+1 house in one of the Northern Cyprus housing projects that offer investment opportunities for every budget. For an investment of this scale, you can buy a luxury residence for an average of £70000. This house you buy will earn you an average of £6000 per year. When you calculate this gain, the house you buy will pay for itself in only 12 years and will provide you with a high profit.


With the signature of Kurtsan Group, one of the most important real estate companies in Northern Cyprus, you can invest with a high rental income and a low return period by purchasing the most suitable residences for sale.