According to an article published in Forbes Magazine, a very important economy magazine in the world, Northern Cyprus is in first place among the 5 most private coastal countries where real estate investment can be made in the world.


The article mentions the real estate investment opportunities in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Belize, and Northern Cyprus and makes offers for real estate investors. The Iskele-Long Beach region in Northern Cyprus is especially mentioned.


The article also emphasizes that Northern Cyprus stands out with its cost of living and real estate prices and that it is a location where foreign investors show great interest.


The author Peddicord states that living in Northern Cyprus, which she defines as a former British colony, offers favorable conditions compared to similar countries in the Mediterranean. Talking about the country's unique hotels and casinos, Peddicord says that a more convenient, reliable, and accessible life is possible in the country by comparing the country with the important countries of the Mediterranean such as France and Italy due to the developed tourism.


You can find the full article here.