By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Kurtsan Group continues to be the address of luxury.

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Kurtsan's strategy involves targeting properties that offer a strong balance of current cash flow and future appreciation. We seek to increase cash flow and maximize returns by improving physical conditions of the assets, improving management, and deploying cost saving mechanisms. We are currently focusing on the Houston and surround markets with plans to expand into other major markets nationally in the near term.

As sponsors, we provide all of the startup capital for every transaction and significant amounts of capital for acquisitions. Kurtsan is committed to investing in every deal we sponsor to ensure our profitability is aligned with our investors.

Real estate investment

Investing with Us

Real estate investment

Your Sponsor

As the sponsor, we structure all of our deals to align the interest of our investor group with ourselves. We invest in all of our ventures and bear the majority of the risk. We provide all of the startup capital for every transaction and a significant investment capital. We consider risk and reward on every deal, and our success is your success.

Your Partner

We are seasoned and sophisticated professionals and bring expertise and dedication to every transaction. As your partner, we remain active in the management of every investment and we are committed to being responsible stewards of our investors’ capital.

Real estate investment
Real estate investment

Your Investments

Our investors gain access to direct investments in apartment communities. Investing in multi-family properties provides predictability in income and expense operations. This property class also provides lower vacancy risk than many other property types and sustain lower re-tenanting costs. Apartment investments typically realize better liquidity than other property types.

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