By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Kurtsan Group continues to be the address of luxury.

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30 Years Dedicated to Making Every Life Special

As Kurtsan Group, we know that human labor and each life have a special meaning. We have made a special effort in this initiative for more than 30 years; we shall continue.

We believe that our team working with a special effort for every life, our principles and values that make us Kurtsan Group, and our responsibility to the lives we touch make us a special and reliable brand.

Our main goal is never to compromise on our promise. While we accomplish our goal we work to design elaborate spaces suitable for the special liking of our customers, create value-added lives, and build the most special structures at the right time. In line with this goal, we work to earn their trust to create a special bond between our brand and our customers with our expert staff with special abilities and the most special material selection.

In order to maintain and strengthen the special bond between our brand and our customers, we prioritize a special place in our business plan to deliver our work on time.

With our young team, which plays the greatest role in making our customers happy, we always carry out our work by paying attention to occupational health and field safety. From living spaces to the exterior and interior designs, from door handles to switches, we operate every detail with great care, considering aesthetic and ergonomic concerns. Building living spaces that make life special is not just a business for us; it is a special passion.

We know that what we offer to those who want to step into a new life, those who would like to change their lives, or those searching for investment opportunities is the most definite reflection of this passion.

We are working to transform the most special areas of the world into the most special homes and living spaces.

Because each life is special, we believe that.

Services & Expertise

We build the modern living spaces you desire on our 30 years of experience.
Iron Joinery
Iron Joinery

Iron joinery provides you comfortable use instead of heavy and difficult to carry parts. Hot iron allows you to create individual pieces that can be assembled together in the designs you need, as it makes it easy to give the desired shape. In addition, most of the iron joinery products you have purchased will provide you with the convenience of carrying.

Carpentry Workshop
Carpentry Workshops

The carpentry workshop has all the professional tools required to manage work on a day to day basis: plotting tools, sawing tools (panel saw, bandsaw, jigsaw, circular saw), shaping tools such as planers, jointers, striking tools and power tools such as screwdrivers, sanders, routers, etc.

Management & Employees

Meet our amazing team of experts making it possible to achieve what we have set out to do.

Our Goals & Principles

To make designs that meet expectations, make life easier, and most importantly, to do quality work, by keeping human values ​​in the foreground and with the awareness of human labor. To raise the quality standards of human life. To support development in the sector. To create value for our team and business partners. Kurtsan Group guarantees quality and happiness to every life it touches 😊

To be remembered as the creator of valuable works both in the sector and in every area we touch our stakeholders while building quality living spaces.

We build the modern living spaces you desire on our 30 years of experience.

Kurtsan Group Construction Lead Engineer