Because every life is special
We believe this

We are working to transform the most special areas of the world into the most special homes and living spaces.

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Because every life is special
We believe that

Behind this promise is our expertise and experience in the real estate industry.

ehind this promise is the signature of Kurtsan Group, which has been embroidering and embroidering the most special square meters of Northern Cyprus for 30 years and turning them into happy homes. Always proudly…


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Our vision
Long Beach, Iskele

“The world’s best buys on beachfront property in 2021 are to be found in Northern Cyprus, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Belize.”

The author of the article published in Forbes, Peddicord, states that living in Northern Cyprus, which he defines as a former British colony, offers very favorable conditions compared to similar countries in the Mediterranean. Talking about the country's unique hotels and casinos, Peddicord says that a more convenient, more reliable and freer life is possible in the country by comparing the country with the important countries of the Mediterranean such as France and Italy due to the developed tourism.

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Services you will get by joining us.

Civil and Architectural Engineering

With our experienced staff of expert engineers and architects, we handle a project with all its details and all its processes; We produce special solutions that make a difference. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow… With our experience, without compromising our quality and standards.

Real Estate Investment Consulting

We strive to offer our customers the most suitable option at every step of the housing purchase process in Northern Cyprus. With the investment consultancy service we offer, we stand by our investors with our suggestions that will add value to the value of investments.

Carpentry Workshops

With our carpentry workshops, we manage the works on a daily basis to the finest detail; With our professional equipment and well-equipped craftsmen, we offer you skillful, flawless solutions.

Iron Joinery

With iron joinery, we offer you functional solutions that offer you comfortable use instead of heavy and difficult-to-carry parts. With the hot ironing method, which makes it easy to give the metal the desired shape, we ensure that you get the designs you need and that you are comfortable with the ease of carrying.

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According to an article published in Forbes Magazine, a very important economy magazine in the world, Northern Cyprus is in first place among the 5 most private coastal countries where real estate investment can be made in the world.

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We are working to transform the most special areas of the world into the most special homes and living spaces; We will continue to work. Get in touch with us now, let's evaluate special opportunities for you.

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